Highland cattle are
Here at Hemlock Highlands we are proud that our Highland cattle follow in this long tradition!PLYMALE WITH FORDIE AT SHOW
As Highland breeders we have three main objectives:
*To help preserve this rare breed using diversified bloodlines and selection for hardy stock that thrives under good management and a quality diet.

*To produce quality breeding stock that can be used to establish and complement other breeding programs and exhibit the economic essentials that set Highlands apart from other breeds: fertility, hardiness, calving ease, disposition, unsurpassed mothering abilities, optimum milk production, carcass quality, conformation and weight gain.

*And finally, to produce top quality, naturally raised beef that is consistently tender, lean and delicious–a healthier red meat for concerned consumers.


Looking for more information about Highland Cattle?  Take a look at the American Highland Cattle Association Site https://highlandcattleusa.org/