Our tender, juicy, delicious Highland beef is raised on lush, green pastures, hormone free – grain finished and aged for 21 days.  It is naturally raised with no antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products.  Highlands are naturally lean, not needing a layer of fat on the outside of their bodies to keep warm due to their thick hide and hair coat.  Because we need enough fat on the outside to protect the beef during the aging process, we feed them grain during the last two months to provide the finish that gives us the high quality tender, flavorful result, we are proud to serve.  We enjoy our beef and offer our naturally raised, healthy  beef for private customer who also appreciate beef that is extremely fine grained and of the highest quality.

Highlands take 24 months to mature to perfection.  They live a long happy life and we want to continue that to the end.  We provide a stress free situation in the slaughter by doing it on the farm where they are eating from a pan of grain in their normal surroundings.  Respecting the natural process for our cattle we chose to not participate in traditional USDA beef process where it would be required to take them live to the slaughter house.  Our beef is carefully cut and individually wrapped according to each customers specifications, then flash frozen for freshness.  Sold by mixed eights, quarters, halves or whole steers.  We are proud to offer such a high quality beef that cannot just be purchased in any grocery store; however, it is still a good value when compared to grocery store pricing.