Scottish Highland Beef Price Information

Our tender, delicious Highland beef cattle are raised on lush green pastures; grain finished and dry aged for up to 21 days.  Naturally raised with no antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts.  Naturally lean, due to their thick hide and hair coat, they don’t need fat on the outside of their bodies to keep warm

Highlands take 24 months to mature to perfection.  They live a long, happy life and we want to continue that to the end.  We provide a stress free situation in the slaughter by having it take place on the farm where they are in their normal surroundings.  They are not taken live to the slaughter house as is the case for most USDA beef. 

Our beef is only sold in eighths (approx. 75 lbs hanging weight), quarters (approx. 145lbs. Hanging weight), halves (approx. 250lbs. Hanging weight) and wholes (approx. 500lbs. Hanging weight).  The beef sells for $3.75 per pound hanging weight plus cutting and wrapping (.64 per pound).  *hanging weights vary from animal to animal **weight after cutting and wrapping is about 60% of the hanging weight.

Including cutting and wrapping, a typical eighth will be approximately $345.00, a typical quarter $667.00 and a half approximately $1,200.00.   Beef of this quality cannot be purchased in a grocery store; however, it is still a good value when compared to grocery store pricing.

If you order a quarter or more you will have the opportunity to talk to the butcher to give cutting instructions.  The butcher will help you to make your choices based on your preferences, (i.e. roast or steak, how thick to cut the steaks, how many pounds in a hamburger package, etc.)

If you order an eighth of beef it is standard cut, which means:  3 to 4 pound roasts (usually 4 to 5 roasts), 1” steaks cut 2 to a package (usually 10 to 12 packages, i.e. Rib Steak, T-bone, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Swiss, Top Round, etc.), 1 lb hamburger packages (usually 11 to 15 pkgs.), stew meat (usually 2 pkgs.), short ribs (Usually 1 pkg.) and soup bones (usually 2 pkgs.).  In this way the butcher can split a mixed quarter evenly to make up the eighth.

New customer eighths require a $50.00 deposit.   New customer quarters require a $100.00 deposit.   New customer halves require a $200.00 deposit.   Remainder is paid when the beef is picked up.  Our address is 8110 Sims Rd., Sedro Woolley, WA  98284.

For folks in the south, we do have a meeting point at Poodle Dog in Fife.  If you would like to order or have any questions, please contact us at 360-856-5817, email us at HemlockHighland@comcast.net, or visit our website at Hemlockhighlands.net.