*Eighth (approx. 75 lbs hanging weight)

*Quarter (approx. 145lbs. Hanging weight)

*Halve (approx. 270lbs. Hanging weight)

*Whole (approx. 540lbs. Hanging weight)

The beef sells for $3.50 per pound hanging weight plus cutting and wrapping (.53 per pound).
Hanging weights vary from animal to animal, all portion sizes are mixed meaning it is an equal portion from the front and back of the animal **weight after cutting and wrapping is about 60% of the hanging weight.

Including cutting and wrapping, a typical eighth will run approximately $300.00, a typical quarter will run approximately $597.00 and a typical half will run approximately $1,100.00. Beef of this quality cannot be purchased in a grocery store; however, it is still a good value when compared to grocery store pricing.

If you order a quarter or more, you will have the opportunity to talk to the butcher to give personalized cutting instructions once your quarter + has been slaughtered and is in the aging process. The butcher will help you to make your choices based on your preferences, (i.e. roast or steak, how thick to cut the steaks, how many pounds in a hamburger package, etc.)

If you order an eighth of beef it is standard cut, which means: 3 to 4 pound roasts (usually 4 to 5 roasts), 1″ steaks cut 2 to a package (usually 10 to 12 packages, i.e. Rib Steak, T-bone, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Swiss, Top Round, etc.), 1 lb hamburger packages (usually 11 to 15 pkgs.), stew meat (usually 2 pkgs.), short ribs (Usually 1 pkg.) and soup bones (usually 2 pkgs.). This is the only way the butcher can split a mixed quarter evenly to make up the eighth.

New customer eighths require a $50.00 deposit. New customer quarters require a $100.00 deposit. New customer halves require a $200.00 deposit. Remainder of payment is due when the beef is picked up.

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